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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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^^ No. No it won't......

We'll have to organise a 'friendly' or two next year, seeing as Forest will be in League One again.

Seriously, men against boys yesterday.
Even my friend who's a Forest fan said it was Men against boys, I suspect that there'll be three teams worse than Forest come the end of the season, but I think it'll be tight.

I'm glad Clough is still saying we need more points to be safe, nice to see he's not got us resting on our laurels. We do seem to be picking up a few injuries of late however, and I think Play off talk is premature!

Cardiff are still in the play off places, and as for the team least likely winning the POs, whilst everyone said WBA were the better side, it#s worth remembering that Derby finished third by some margin that year. We weren't in great form, but on points we were the third best team in the league that year
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