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Re: Titan: Over a Torrent Sea

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I finally got the book from Borders this morning, but I've only read 8 pages so I can't really judge yet.
Okay... OT, and not directed specifically at JD, but... seriously, nobody is expecting a judgment after 8 pages. Nobody is expecting a post after 8 pages. Please, everyone, feel free to read the book through, without any obligation to stop and jump onto the internet to provide progress reports.
How could you ask such a thing?!?!?!

And enthusiasm shouldn't be quelled, an repression of any kind leads to homicidal tenancies... or something.

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I still have not found it by me.
Well, of course you couldn't find it by you! It's by me!

Where does that expression come from? The family "back home" use it- but if you go faaaaaaaaaaaaar back, the roots are probably British... but I find the term a bit puzzling.

I'm confused- as I used to get those books *right away* here- and now... well, we just got ASD. I'm going to be out of the loop. I can't be out of the loop!!!
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