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Re: This is Deadpool?

Well this is what you get when you cast the film with a bunch of "faces" who are more concerned with getting their mugs in the camera and directors and production designers who feed their egos with less than stellar costume designs and obligatory mask removals at the end of most superhero films (and all three Spider-Man films). I've said this before and I'll say it again. When casting for a superhero film, cast an talented up and comer who is comfortable behind a mask for the majority of a film and can act with their voice. They're out there. I know someone will say that you need a known actor to sell a genre film, but Star Wars shot that theory down. Sell the universe. Sell the concept of a movie and you won't need a Cruise or Clooney or Pitt to try to sell your film and the production design will be a little more faithful to the source.
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