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Re: Titan: Over a Torrent Sea

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During the prologue in the conversation between Riker and Masc, Masc says of Titan "If she's to be the flagship of the fleet, she needs the newest and best we have to offer." Was Masc talking about the entire fleet or just the Luna class ships?
Just the Luna class. But Thrawn's right that Masc isn't using "flagship" in the literal sense -- which it almost never is anyway in Trek. A flagship is literally either the command vessel in a group of ships on a combined mission or the vessel on which an admiral is based, or both. This is "flagship" in the vernacular sense usually applied to the Enterprise -- the symbolic lead ship, the most prominent and esteemed one. And now that you point it out, I'm surprised I employed that usage at all, since I'm generally not fond of it.
Thanks for answering my question. Luna class makes more sense especially since Titan has been in service less than 2 years and her captain in command of any ship for the same length of time.
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