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Re: This is Deadpool?

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That looks more like another character. I sincerely doubt that is Deadpool.
No, it is indeed Deadpool, post-experimentation / disfigurement. There's a brief clip of it in the recent trailer, seen in this screenshot.

Seeing the Internet get butt-hurt over the film adaptation of something that spawned from Rob Liefeld's desire to draw Deathstroke, so he just ripped off the design, makes me laugh. That's the "abortion." Well, that and the baby-faced Wolverine with his hair all done up for the senior prom.

The Internet wrote:
Hey guys, you know what will really make me mad? I'll be really upset if Deadpool doesn't break the fourth wall and spend the entire movie talking to the audience directly and acknowledge that he is in a movie and then if he doesn't dragon uppercut Wolverine I'm gonna be super mad and I'm going to ruin so many lives. And he'd better have the costume he had in the comic books because THAT's Deadpool, nothing else.

It doesn't matter if he's a wise-cracking, arrogant ninja who runs around kicking ass and being an ass

Know what? I'm sick of that "Deadpool is just a ripoff of Deathstroke" thing. That may have been some of the motivation behind his creation, but the two characters are incredibly different in personality. Deathstroke is a serious character, while Deadpool is a wisecracker. Also, why should fans of the character not want to see him done properly on film? The fourth wall breaking, wise-cracking, merc with a mouth, with ninja gear and a red and black suit IS Deadpool. Where the hell do you get off insulting people that say what is true? If you're not a fan of the character, fine. But don't hate on the people that are. I'm sure you would feel the same way if a character you like were as thouroughly butchered as it appears Deadpool has been in this movie.
Let me put this to you clearly: In this film, Deadpool is a wise-cracking asshole (as shown by the trailers) -- that's why Ryan Reynolds was cast. If you're going to moan about him being scarred and disfigured (as opposed to getting his Spider-Man rip-off costume) -- in a film that's about fucking Wolverine -- you're watching the wrong movie.

And if you're looking for a fourth-wall-breaking, wise-cracking, ass-kicking ninja / mercenary ... you're really watching the wrong movie, since fourth-wall-breaking content is the kind of shit that confines a film to nothing but genre purists. The cartoons, animated movies and comics exist for the genre purists. What happens in another medium in no way affects the comic character.
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