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Re: Trek Tabletop RPG Experiences

Thanks for the information, guys. I will keep FASA in mind for the future, but since I've already invested in the Decipher and ADB games I think I am going to see how they run. I was an artist on a few Trek Homeworld 1 mods and our team did a lot of ships based on the FASA stuff, I just assumed it'd be too hard to find a reliable source for those books nowadays.

Anyone care to talk about particularly good campaigns they've played as far as story goes? In the case of both games I will be playing with friends who are basically familiar with Trek, but I have the deepest knowledge of it. If anyone else has been in that situation, what did you do to make sure the game kept the "average" fan's attention?

Also, I am thinking about what to do for miniatures/counters. Starship minis are easy to come by and may not be needed anyway if I go the with the computer simulation route for battles. But as far as personnel combat I'd like to have minis or counters or something. If anyone has any leads on that front, I'd appreciate it. I've even thought about using something like the Sims 2 to create character profiles and print them out on paper counters.

Finally, one of these games will be run using a "virtual" tabletop program. Has anyone had any experience with these? The idea is to have a program simulate the tabletop RPG experience by providing a "tabletop" map that users can move their characters around. Most of these programs are system neutral and allow the GM to set up maps in advance with enemies, visibility, NPCs and other things. Anyway, my current thinking is to use Battlegrounds, but if anyone has used another program they like better please let me know.
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