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Re: Joss Whedon wins again.

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Maybe, but not well enough to survive...1.7/5 demo, ouch. Not as bad a drop as I expected, but given the anemic premiere, the show isn't in a position to weather any drop, and I doubt the drop is over. Even for Friday, that's not going to hack it. And DVR ratings won't save it, advertisers know people don't watch DVR ads.

I hope it can weather it to be honest - this week's episode was a vast improvement over the premiere I thought. Not perfect, but it was enough to convince me it deserves a fair chance. So, here's hoping.

Eliza Dushku really has to lose that dopey blow-up doll expression when she's been wiped, and I thought the few instances of humour were a bit oddly placed and didn't quite work. Other than that, thumbs up.
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