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Re: Titan: Over a Torrent Sea

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If I lived in the US, I'd have the book by now. As it is, Amazon UK/Borders/Waterstones - ie every major major bookseller - is telling me 6th April!!! For the love of kimchee, can Pocket please allow their UK division to get some? It is getting to the point that I may have to ask my girlfriend to buy them and ship them over for me so I get them and don't have to wait.

I am NOT waiting till april to read this clearly fantastic book. I still haven't got KRAD's ASD, though it is on its way.
Why not get it from a Marketplace seller? I always use The Book Depository - they get the books when they're released in the US; they rarely cost more than the Amazon price (although P&P does sometimes push that over), and they're pretty speedy with delivery, too. They appear to have sold out of OaTS at the moment, but they usually get restocked fairly quickly.
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