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Re: Titan: Over a Torrent Sea

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If I lived in the US, I'd have the book by now. As it is, Amazon UK/Borders/Waterstones - ie every major major bookseller - is telling me 6th April!!! For the love of kimchee, can Pocket please allow their UK division to get some? It is getting to the point that I may have to ask my girlfriend to buy them and ship them over for me so I get them and don't have to wait.

I am NOT waiting till april to read this clearly fantastic book. I still haven't got KRAD's ASD, though it is on its way.
But it's the same thing you complain about with regard to the mag though - these copies aren't physically produced in the UK, so they have to actually get over the Atlantic. And that takes time. Your option is to spend more and get them via an American outlet, or be patient - but no amount of complaining on here is going to change that simple fact, sorry.

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