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Re: John needs giant flying cyborg death armor

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Cavil is right about one thing. The humanoid Cylons were poorly constructed. And, in fact, the decision to create new wholly human models instead of upgrading the Centurions with removable flesh was probably a very stupid one in the long term. The divide between machine and man is one that will only be bridged the two are indistinguishable from each other due to rampant cybernetic grafting, with humans who have metal parts and robots who have flesh.

Of course, Cavil hasn't done a damn thing about it that we have seen. But what if he has? What if, all of this time, he has been secretly working on ways to graft metal to flesh and flesh to metal. What if he achieves his dream of overcomming his fleshy limitations can grafting giant flying missile-laden death-armor to his central nervous system?

The answer to that question is simple. It would be awesome.

We need Dean Stockwell in giant cyborg death armor, and it must fly, so that he can shoot nuclear missiles at stuff and get into a dogfight with Starbuck. Seriously, what better way is there for #1 to go out than being shot down by Starbuck in a dogfight while piloting flying death armor?
There is none.

I know that the final episode has already been written. But, really, we need to see Dean Stockwell in giant flying cyborg death armor.

Who agrees?
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