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Re: Trek Tabletop RPG Experiences

ThomastheCat wrote: View Post
I am also thinking about using a game like Bridge Commander or Starfleet Command 2 to simulate combat instead of the book rules. Has anyone done a similar approach?
No, never tried this, but it could be interesting. One word of advice, tho: I'm usually for a narrative approach to role-playing, so I don't mind when game-masters fudge a bit with rolls to get some desired story-related outcomes. Using games like these, however, leaves you open with the distinct possibility that one mistake with the keyboard would leave your ship in bits and all you characters dead without any "magic dice" escape, something I would like to avoid if possible. But YMMV.

billcosby wrote: View Post
If you have patience, you could always use Star Fleet Battles, that's what it was designed for! Plus, you will be a hard core TOS purist.
Oh god, Star Fleet Battles bored me to tears when I used it. They are very good at simulating battles, but the rule are way overcomplicated in my view.

Duncan MacLeod wrote: View Post
Frankly Decipher is sub-standard in their game mechanics, so was Icon. If you want a Trek pnp RPG that had exceptional game mechanics go with FASA. Although I will admit their Next Gen material sucked big time, for the most part their stuff is quite usable. Oh, you may want to change the timeline to the currently accepted one but that's hardly that big a strike against the game system, is it?
I still play with a FASA inspired game devised by me and my fellow players, and I'm very happy with it: streamlined rules, cinematic mechanics and a character-driven approach to role-playing. However, I didn't find anything wrong with Decipher (barring an over-use of "templates" in character creation), and I actually enjoyed playing with it. What are your main critics?

Can't say anything about the D20 system as I've never played it.
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