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Re: Sovereign Class and Photon Torpedoes

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We've never seen any Federation ship in the TNG era, except perhaps the Defiant, fight to their full potential. In many fleet battles in DS9 the Galaxy Class ships used their phasers most often.
We see Galaxy fight to full potential on numerous occasions in TNG, we see upgraded Lakota, we see Sovereign in movies, and Intrepid, and we know what a couple other ships can do from inferring. Everything else is speculation by fans.

Smaller does not equate to weaker. I will assume you mean the Galaxy has launchers that are 50 meters ( ≈164") long. There is no reason why the launchers on the belly of the Sovereign can't be 50 meters long. Also one could argue that the Sovereign has a better launcher design than the Galaxy, allowing the same fire power from a shorter launcher
50 meter is just an off the cuff remark, i don't know exact dimensions. The sovereign doesn't have them because we can see how tiny they are in MSDS. They look like slow firing Voyager ones.

Except for the Runabouts' "micro torpedoes', all photon casings look alike in size and shape. So it is a safe assumption that the Sovereign and Galaxy carry identical photon torpedoes. We've never seen the Sovereign fire multiple torpedoes at once (I.E. dispersal pattern sierra) but that doesnt mean it can't be done. Also if the launchers are capable of a rapid fire rate greater than the Galaxy that should close the gap with burst fire.
Sovereign had plenty of chances to prove they can, but they never do, they are slow firing to say the least. They are not capable of same rapid fire as Galaxy, not matter what fanwank sources say. We simply don't see this rapid fire.

Take a look at this video starting at 1:00, and tell me when Sovereign displayed this type of firepower?
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