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Re: This is Deadpool?

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That looks more like another character. I sincerely doubt that is Deadpool.
No, it is indeed Deadpool, post-experimentation / disfigurement. There's a brief clip of it in the recent trailer, seen in this screenshot.

Seeing the Internet get butt-hurt over the film adaptation of something that spawned from Rob Liefeld's desire to draw Deathstroke, so he just ripped off the design, makes me laugh. That's the "abortion." Well, that and the baby-faced Wolverine with his hair all done up for the senior prom.

The Internet wrote:
Hey guys, you know what will really make me mad? I'll be really upset if Deadpool doesn't break the fourth wall and spend the entire movie talking to the audience directly and acknowledge that he is in a movie and then if he doesn't dragon uppercut Wolverine I'm gonna be super mad and I'm going to ruin so many lives. And he'd better have the costume he had in the comic books because THAT's Deadpool, nothing else.

It doesn't matter if he's a wise-cracking, arrogant ninja who runs around kicking ass and being an ass

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