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T.H.U.G.S. Get Your CONNOR Fix Here!

A new year and a new Connor worship thread. First of all, the official THUGS TripImage... with gratitude to the brave TJinLOCA who actually got Connor to autograph it (and she was most relieved that he didn't ask what a THUG was ).

I've also been snapping up great pictures from the Enterprise picture thread (with many many thanks to HopefulRomantic for behind-the-scenes snapshots.)

And this cute shot:

And of course: EVERYBODY HUG ME! from Vulkon, Cleveland 2006.

A brief history of the THUG COLLECTIVE:

The history as it has been explained to me is that someone on the board -- sorry, can't recall who, hope someone else remembers -- said she would be terrified to be assimilated into the Borg Collective.
The THUG Collective was created to give her a collective that she wouldn't be afraid to join. In fact, THUGS are eager to join this collective.

Rules of the THUG Collective

1. Pictures Posting Please (links count!)
2. The superlative from HoT from now on will be Trip
3. Snapper and Me-Ike are always right.

T.H.U.G stands for pretty much anything you like (and DO feel free to add your own!)

A sampler:

Tripís Heavenly Ubiquitous Girls Ė weíre everywhere and we make ďnaughtyĒ nice (I like this one myself -- Jinx)

Tripís Horny Unmarried Girls
Tripís Holey Underwear is Good
Trip Has Ultra Goodness
Trip Hates Ugly Gorns
Trip Has Uruguayan Guacamole
Tripís Hair is Unbelieveably Gorgeous
Tripís Hot and Ultra Good
Tripís Hairdresser is an Uzbek Gynecologist (this is my favorite of the silly ones -- Jinx)
Tripís Hoard of Unlucky Girls (?!)

It's open season on all things (and roles) Connor. Let's have some fun!
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