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Re: your ideas for new Starfleet technology

but a word to the wise, during the original designing process of the Constitiution class, it was said they where put far enough away from the main part of the ship for safty reasons, I'm guesing because of the plasma, which is a good idea but then, there easier for the enemie to hit, good thing for shields lol
what about a promie class vessal after mvam? at warp the saucer has a nacell that pops out from the saucer hull... that would not be safe in the context that you are explaining.... the defient nacells still are outside the ship in a "wing" type formation... i thinking like soveriegn class nacells built into the hull so all you see is the caps...

on another note...

what about tractor beam buoy? it could stop ships crossing boarders.. would have less ships protrolling boarders...

a mech / droid requires neither holo-matrices, nor does it need air
and a hologram does?
point and match mate!
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