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Re: your ideas for new Starfleet technology

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I think most of us realize what can be done, but there's no incentive to espouse. If one is committed to letting the brain juices flow we're talking about turning the ST universe upside down and inside and out. I mean, I (and no doubt a bunch of others) could go on for pages and pages doing just that, but what's the point? At least for me, it's not worth the time to try to fix ST.
I wasn't aware it was broken xd, and it's good to get those creative uices going, it opens our minds to new concepts, besides, the brain is like a muscle you know, if you don't use it.....
Alas, I don't see much in creative juices flowing in these sort of topics. It's a whole bunch of "one-off, limited use" scenarios without any exploration for wider implications. Nothing more than you already get in the show.
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