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Re: Joss Whedon wins again.

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Dollhouse felt like generic FOX crap aimed at the 18-35 year old male demographic.
Heaven forbid us young men might have something to watch on TV. Never mind, though, I'm sure Joss will add some five foot nothing girls beating up marines just to make us all feel at home.
Hear, hear. Since skills and memories can be injected into anyone, what is the point of injecting kick-ass brainwaves/muscle memory/whatever into the body of some scrawny girl (like the weird looking Tibetan chick?) Why not pick the biggest, beefiest, stupidest body builder you can find, and give him the same mad skillz?

The sole reason to do that with the weird looking Tibetan chick or skinny little Echo or any other skinny little girl is to provide Dominatrix services. And even then, it's largely theater (from what I've gathered), so you don't actually have to turn them into killers, just girls who can fake it real well. And presumably better than the ones who fake it for a living...but how much better would they be able to fake it, really? Enough to justify charging a hundred times as much, considering the expense of keeping the Dollhouse and its fancy HQ going?
Dollhouse throws everything that a stereotypical young male likes into the mix in a pathetic attempt to increase ratings.
Maybe, but not well enough to survive...1.7/5 demo, ouch. Not as bad a drop as I expected, but given the anemic premiere, the show isn't in a position to weather any drop, and I doubt the drop is over. Even for Friday, that's not going to hack it. And DVR ratings won't save it, advertisers know people don't watch DVR ads.
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