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Re: Joss Whedon wins again.

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Dollhouse felt like generic FOX crap aimed at the 18-35 year old male demographic.
Heaven forbid us young men might have something to watch on TV. Never mind, though, I'm sure Joss will add some five foot nothing girls beating up marines just to make us all feel at home.
That's not what I meant. Dollhouse throws everything that a stereotypical young male likes into the mix in a pathetic attempt to increase ratings. Throw some hot chicks (lots of pointless fan service mandatory), a pointless motorcycle race, a shower scene, and the mandatory crime story (everyone loves those, right) into the episode to build an audience -- who needs good writing? Enterprise tried doing the same thing and it nearly killed the franchise.
I don't see that they're doing anything there that many other shows don't already do. It's a mistake to believe that that's all men are looking for in a TV show.

As I said, hopefully this show will realise that it's not on The CW and the usual cliches won't even get a chance to make it in to the show.
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