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Re: Sovereign Class and Photon Torpedoes

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they are different casings? anywhere I can find a comparison?

goofy? I didn't see anything goofy about it...
Same artbook illustrating said goofiness of the little launchers (in fairness, designed for a notably stupid and later cut sequence in ST:First Contact) has the casing redesign sketch that was used as the basis of the new Q-torp casing depicted in DS9 TM

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and I doubt the galaxy had more torps, it had what 2-3 lauchers? which could fire like 2 at a time?

and the E had a turrent that can do 4torps/sec and 8 more launchers....

plus the D wasn't really designed for war...
10 at a time, and I don't subscribe to the idea that a Galaxy-class ship is any more or less designed for "war" than is a Sovereign-class ship. I don't know of anything in particular to back that idea up. Aside from the fact that Galaxy was designed during the Cardassian wars, ships of that type were seen, you know, fighting in an actual war. Looks to me like they had the Sovereign-class ships (all 2 of them that we know about) off doing other things...
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