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Re: Sovereign Class and Photon Torpedoes


Enterprise-E fired plenty of photon torpedoes.

The casings aren't the same, but it is only reasonable that they are both compatible with the existing launching hardware, or at least most of recent vintage.

Since quantum torpedoes are in limited supply and many of the 'lil photon launchers on the Enterprise-E in Nemesis are the somewhat goofy compact type depicted in the artbook, they probably directed her supply of quantum torpedoes to the most technically capable twelve-at-a-time launcher on board: the (equally goofy because of its placement) under-saucer one.

It's not impossible that the other ones have a few Q-torps lined up as well, and I would expect this of the large scale twin-forward and twin-rear ones, but find it unlikely for the littler ones.

I don't expect that Enterprise-E carries nearly as many torpedoes as Enterprise-D did. Maybe 150 or so sounds about right. I admit, though, that it is comical to think of them having expended 300 torpedoes against Scimitar without having made much of a dent. Good gravy.
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