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Re: your ideas for new Starfleet technology

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i would like to see nacelles integrated into starship hulls thus making the warp field smaller and possibly the ship faster (if that is possible?). i like the idea of EEH too.
sure it is... they did it with the Defiant, other races have donne it, not having exterior nacelles per say, in fact looking at many alien vessels I'm not sure how they go to warp, I'm guessing they have the warp coils but have they're own Deuterium supply, not needed the bussard collectors to sift it through all the Hydrogen

but a word to the wise, during the original designing process of the Constitiution class, it was said they where put far enough away from the main part of the ship for safty reasons, I'm guesing because of the plasma, which is a good idea but then, there easier for the enemie to hit, good thing for shields lol

I'd like to see, you know, pressure doors. Ships lose power spontaneously so often, that I really wouldn't feel safe with nothing but a forcefield between my nice breathable atmosphere, and the not breathable bits outside.
umm I don't really see how this is a problem, there are no exposed areas that only have forcefields.. all of them have some kind of door or hatch...

The way we worked them out was that they work by scanning the shields as they impact and remodulate to the shield frequency to bypass (similar to how you could modulate the phaser in the video game Star Trek DS9: The Fallen to bypass forcefields). They had a range limit because the further they went the more energy they lost and it diminished their calculation ability and response times.
hmm, thats neet, but, instead of having the torpedoe do all that have it phase out of our reality and then back into it after the... oh wait Transphasic Torpedo

hmm, what if you had a way to accuratly moniter the phaser/weapon strikes that hit your ship, routing shield systems through the deflector, because you know they have to adust there weapon frequency to go through their own shield or they'd drain there shields everytime they fired

but then if they automodulate then you might want to have onboard scanning of course, if they do, I'm sure it won't be slow, I wonder if the on-board scanner could keep up... so either way that might be a pain...

good idea though, its interesting because other than Transphasic Torpedoes, which can change phase, we really don't have any torps with adustable frequencies or anything except for Chroniton torpedoes, but then thats the inner workings not the actual shell, so I wonder if maybe you had some kind of energy field around the torp that would help it slip through... thats allot for a torpedo though, what kind of yield do these have?

you know if you knew what part of the shield emitter changed the frequency, and you had the shield frequency, at first, gave that info to the torp and have it keep an eye on what the emitters doing it could make a gues... but then by the time the torp gets close enough... that window would be closed, but what about a hybrid system for your torpedo..

get the info from the weapons send that info to to torpedo from your ship, but also have the torpedo run its own scansthat way the window wont close and the torp would be able to guestimate the next modulation, thats a enius torpedoe.....

a mech / droid requires neither holo-matrices, nor does it need air
and a hologram does?

I think most of us realize what can be done, but there's no incentive to espouse. If one is committed to letting the brain juices flow we're talking about turning the ST universe upside down and inside and out. I mean, I (and no doubt a bunch of others) could go on for pages and pages doing just that, but what's the point? At least for me, it's not worth the time to try to fix ST.
I wasn't aware it was broken xd, and it's good to get those creative uices going, it opens our minds to new concepts, besides, the brain is like a muscle you know, if you don't use it.....
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