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Sovereign Class and Photon Torpedoes

now we all know she has Quantum torpedoes but supposedly she carries Photons as well, with the Nemesis weapon stats as follows:

16 Type XII Phaser Arrays
1 Quantum Torpedo Turret 4torps/sec
8 Photon Torpedo Launchers 3fore/5aft

however, I've never seen her fire Photons before (they did make a huge effort to show off that quantum launcher )

my theory is that since Quantum torpedoes are supposedly harder to make that the class was meant to carry only them for the turret, however since the casings are supposedly the same, there where only like 2 of the class (the E being the only one mentioned on screen) and since she is the Enterprise, they gave her a full compliment of Quantums, and no Photons....

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