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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x16: "Deadlock"

On any other show, this probably would have been an average, and I would feel generous. But this Battlestar Galactica, the final 5 episodes of the series, and after having to watch last week's episode a few times, I'm not feeling generous after this one. For that reason I've giving this episode a:

Below Average

What the heck. I felt nothing from this show tonight. Last week had so many revelations, so much confusion (No I'm not getting an All Along the Watchtower Moment), and so much plot into one episode. This episode should have maybe retold that story in a simpler way. The final five cylons reunite. The creators pretty much of the current race and all they can come up with are arguments and scenes that reminded me too much of "Tigh me Up, Tight me Down." So I ask again. Why? Why have this episode right here in this spot with now 4 episodes to go and 5 hours to wrap up everything. Why do I go into a show excited to learn what new revelations will come because we're in the nitty gritty and then come out feeling empty and unfulfilled for this week. Why Now?

There were some good moments, like the Head Six returning letting me know that the writers haven't forgotten how integral this part is to the overall landscape of the show (It's been there since 33 for heaven sake). I also liked the stuff with Adama and his feeling that humanity is slowly slipping away, and Baltar made an excellent point. I also liked Baltar's storyline even though it wasn't much to write home about either.

Still, at this stage in the game, they could have done a lot better. I'm disappointed, almost sad really, that the expectation I was hoping for in this episode was for naught. Oh well. Looking forward to next week which looks really starbuck heavy. All I can say to that is it's about damn time.
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