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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x16: "Deadlock"

The Ellen/Tighe/Caprica Six love triangle with the dead wife returning only to find her husand had moved on and them getting back is complicated by a pregnancy is a clear soap opera staple. And as a one time soap opera fan, I have no objection to it. The only problem is I never really was all that invested in their marriage and I certainly have zero interest in the Tighe/Caprica Six instant love affair. Really I think Caprica Six, a once interesting character, has been shamefully wasted since season three when she defected with Hera.
Very fair point. They had built up the Ellen/Saul thing well in the season premeire and Ellen is back to her old bitch self. Ellen/Saul is a lot more interesting than Saul/Caprica.

But then again, Saul and Ellen always fought.
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