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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x16: "Deadlock"

yeah, the episode got an average from me. First one for the entire 4.5 run.

I loved ellen coming back, and I thought the loss of Six's baby was really well executed, but nothing really happened. The story consisted of the following events;

1. Yay! Ellen is back.
2. Boo! Boomer is back!
3. Adama watches some welding.
4. Ellen finds out about Caprica Six's baby daddy
5. Baltar's Bimbo Brigaide and the Case of Natural Selection
6. Adama watches some more welding.
7. Caprica Six miscarries. Hilarity does not ensue.

It was interesting to watch and I know its setting up the final arc, but I probably wouldn't be scrambling to rewatch this one.

Although I did like the Gaius jr. bit and the shots of ellen in the raptor that were identical to her first appearance back to season one.
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