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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x16: "Deadlock"

Average with above average moments. I've found a pattern developing this season with the odd numbered episodes being standouts while the even numbered ones halted the momentum and turned into very middling affairs.

Adama asked Tighe whether he had mythic revelations and that was definitely what this episode needed. Coming off the heels of the high-octane, densely plotted "No Exit" that lobbed tons of pieces of information at us that we chewed on for days afterwards coupled with this being itself one of the final five episodes, I expected much, much more from this one.

The Ellen/Tighe/Caprica Six love triangle with the dead wife returning only to find her husand had moved on and them getting back is complicated by a pregnancy is a clear soap opera staple. And as a one time soap opera fan, I have no objection to it. The only problem is I never really was all that invested in their marriage and I certainly have zero interest in the Tighe/Caprica Six instant love affair. Really I think Caprica Six, a once interesting character, has been shamefully wasted since season three when she defected with Hera.

Really I wanted this episode to carry the excitement and momentum from last week. Instead of insight into what happened to Starbuck we got moody Starbuck angst ho hum, instead of further insight into the Final Five's lives on Earth or why they were given warnings by the head entities or what happened to Cavil, we get Baltar's lame cult--one of the season's weakest elements. If by some miracle they actually make it payoff in an interesting way I'll gladly admit I was wrong. But for the better part of 15 episodes it has been a pointless aimless forced thread with a bunch of less than compelling cult members with zero acting abilities.

I never cared for Ellen but since last week I've really come to like her and Vernon's performance. It is interesting that her restored personality is different yet some of the spiteful Ellen is still there.

Other than that the episode felt like a mixed bag with a few scenes setting up things to come--the cult being armed, Anders' showing increased brain activity, some of the Five preparing to leave, Head Six returning.

I know it dealt with ongoing threads but felt like filler and with four episodes left it is disappointing. I mean how many times did we need to see the repair teams spackling the ship with the Cylon goo. C'mon.

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