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Re: your ideas for new Starfleet technology

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Photon rifle--
Projectile weapon firing 8mm projectile containing one gram of matter and one gram of antimatter, rather like a tiny photon torpedo.

What kind of range on that? I don't think I'd want to be too close.
It would have the explosive yield of a modern theatre balistic missile, so I think it's the type of thing you'd either mount on a sniper rifle, or it's something nobody should be using without their shields up.

The personal force field is a good idea and would lend a bit more credibility to the (budget-dictated) small arms combat Trek ground wars appear to consist of. On the other hand, the apparent diminished effectiveness of hand-held beam weaponry in DS9 (non-fatal burns and disruption as opposed to TOS/TNG style glowy disintegration) suggests that at least some kind of armor is being utilized in SF uniforms. (But ironically not Breen power suits.)
Yeah, but... well, maybe I've been playing too much Halo, but somehow the idea that Starfleet officers in a gun fight should have to worry about the power level of their shields just like they do in Starship combat is intuitive to me. At the very least it's a piece of treknology worth of use as a plot devoice (say, the landing party is calling for help because their shield power cells are low).
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