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Re: Galaxy's Child

This an episode that I think pushes way past the fictional universe and 'real world' invades too much. Examples:

  • Bringing Leah back. Doesn't really fit the story at all, no need, but the writers decided she was in it before and they want her back.
  • Leah must like Geordi. We think she's overreacting because we know he's a decent guy. But it doesn't fit with what she would think. She is there only as a chess piece for his story.
  • The tieing together of stories. Children outside, children for engineers, tied together into a 'Child' episode name. All too neat.
Also I think it backward pollutes Booby Trap. How on earth did the holodec create Brahms like a silly tart in the original episode if she's really like this?

I do like that they save the litle babby alien though.
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