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Re: your ideas for new Starfleet technology

I'm surprised that no-one's considered Star Wars-like "mechs / droids" rather than holo-personnel in the infirmary & elsewhere.

If main power dies, a mech / droid requires neither holo-matrices, nor does it need air. Its taught how to (carefully) place personnel in EVA suits in the event of imminent catastrophic decompression, carry incapacitated personnel or tow a biobed to an escape pod, shuttle, etc.

Can fire its own on-board phaser system, attach site-to-site transporter devices (such as the one Data stuck on Picard,) & carry a limited containment field generator in the event it becomes necessary to carry a limited air supply due to trying to assist incapacitated personnel to a shuttle deck or escape pod. Can use nanotechnology to alter / replicate a multi-tool on the end of each limb, as required.
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