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Re: Secret Agent Magazine

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- Produce some original content that's actually worth reading.
Under the topic of Secret Agents, what kind of content would you, as a reader, want to see? Movie reviews? Interviews? How-to guides? Episode guides to older TV series?

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- Tone down the advertising. I realize that's about 99% of the site right now, but no one is going to go just to click on ads.
Well, a lot of people come to the site looking for info on Secret Agent gadgets and tools, so I try to provide links to online stores that offer these items. Maybe I can do a better job of segregating the product links to a specific section of my Web site.

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- Update the design to something that looks more current.
I think black text on a white background is easiest to read, but if you have some links to examples of "current" sites that you think I should model it after, let me know. But if you mean making it 100 percent Flash animation with no text, which takes forever to load and is not compatible with older browsers, then that is not what I am going for. Like I said, I am trying to make it the of Secret Agent news.

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- Try to find something more compelling to talk about than just James Bond, Jason Bourne, Chuck and 24. The big spy franchises already have countless fan sites, official sites and forums, most of which have much more to offer than your site.
Well, that's why I'm asking. What do you, as a reader, find "more compelling" in the Secret Agent genre than James Bond, Jason Bourne and "24"? I also include information on other new Secret Agent films, such as "The International," "Taken," and "XIII." Do you think I should include reviews of the films, in addition to the news items about them? Or more information about real-life Secret Agents and gadgets? What is compelling to you? is offline   Reply With Quote