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Re: Which was the best homage to TOS

"In a Mirror, Darkly" is terrific enough to single-handedly justify Enterprise's existence. No matter what that show did, you gotta give them credit for that episode. Probably better than any episode Voyager ever did

Deep Space Nine does it again! And yet to this day there has not been a DS9 movie?
I don't know if a DS9 movie would have worked since the characters have so much individual backstory that I can't see how they could get all the backstory out of the way for the "uninitiated" (for example, how could they explain the complicated natures of Dax and Odo to general audiences?) and still find enough time to tell a story. I think some cameos would have been nice, though. It would have been cool to see some of the DS9 crew aboard The Defiant during "Star Trek: First Contact" or have Worf introduce his wife to the crew during the "Star Trek: Nemesis" wedding. I know that chronologically Nemesis takes places after "What You Leave Behind", but they could have changed that, by not including the gratuitous Admiral Janeway cameo. I'd have much preferred a gratuitous Dax cameo. Am I making it obvious enough that I don't like Voyager?

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