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Re: your ideas for new Starfleet technology

Photon rifle--
Projectile weapon firing 8mm projectile containing one gram of matter and one gram of antimatter, rather like a tiny photon torpedo.

Personal forcefield--
They already have it, they need to start USING it. Ranging from belt-mounted generator to vest-style for redshirts.

Portable tractor beam--
Wesley invented it, Starfleet should start using it. Handy for away missions and other bad situations where you really need to lift a girder off somebody and don't have an android handy.

Personal cloaking device--
Sure, Starfleet can use them for peaceful purposes. But the freaking Jem'hadar never signed the treaty of algernon, so we'd better start using them more often.
Hunter seeker--
A photon grenade equipped with a tricorder and a thruster pack. Automatically seeks out a specific target somewhere on the planet; basically, a hand-held fire and forget cruise missile. Non-lethal version can be used as a UAV for recon, surveilance, search and rescue, and emergency communications.

Portable microwave--
Because when the power goes out, you shouldn't have to heat up your coffee with a freaking hand phaser!
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