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Re: Ten Days on Cardassia

Here is a quick teaser for Chapter one of Part one, in the hope that people do not think that I have abandoned this FanFic. I hope you like it.

Ten Days on Cardassia.

Part One: The Central Command Cannot Hold.

...Since the Jem’Hadar are genetically addicted to a drug that only the Founders can provide, we expect the Jem’Hadar to die once their supplies of the drug run out: a matter of days by our estimates. However, that will give them enough time to stage some kind of counterattack against the Alpha Quadrant so I suggest you place the Cardassian Fleet on alert...”

All over Cardassia Prime millions stopped in their tacks to stare up at the giant oval screens dotted over the sprawling cities of the homeworld. They saw a genial man in the prime of his life, a man who was overweight by normal Cardassian standards, with a pleasant voice that offered reassurance and comfort. However to those who knew him this was no ordinary being, this was a man feared throughout the Union and respected far beyond its borders. He was the head of one of the most infamous organisations in the entire Alpha Quadrant and the only man to retire peacefully from that post without assassination.

Enabran Tain, Head of the Obsidian Order was speaking to the Union.

“...I take this action not in defiance of the Cardassian state, but in defence of it. You in the Central Command have neglected the security of our people and allowed peace with Bajor and the Federation to blind you to the real threat: the Dominion. I intend to remove that threat. Let history be my judge.”

All over Cardassia Prime, the colonies and territories of the Union, and on a former mining station known as Deep Space Nine, the message ended and shut down.

The chaos that followed was easily predicted but the consequences of Tain’s actions would have results that would shatter the whole Quadrant...
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