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Re: your ideas for new Starfleet technology

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In a nutshell: An anti-Borg (or anti-starbase) starship that is essentially one giant antimatter cannon, inspired by the Doomsday Machine.
ouch o.0 that things gonna hurt!!!!

um, well, I have a few heres some

MFA's (Multi Functional Arrays): an array that not only can fire phasers, but has a particle replicator for firing any particle beam you can think of, with perhaps maybe poleron beam emitters or some other kind... depending on what you need, this could work two ways, having the emitters side by side, or to save space, having them phased at different frequencies to have whichever one you need at the moment phase into our reality when needed, but that might take allot of energy, not that warp drive doesn't xd, and if the phase shifter fails they all materialize and break lol

Federation Nanoprobes: just as the name suggest, heres how I would use them, built into the hull and systems of the ship to make repairs to damage, like of a biological create would heal a wound, how to integrate them thinking about that, some kind of microscoping fuild delivery system? blood of the ship? or have them phased work on new material and have it phase into place..

Neural interface, I mean come on, it's easier to control the ship if commands are issues at the speed of thought... also, an artificial ship inteligence would be neet as long as it doesn't screw you over.... lol, I'm sure thease have been covered thouh

Vibrational Frequancy Drive, based on String theory, if every space, has a unique frequency, designating that spot, by homing in and aligning to that frequecy, you should be able to instantly teleport there, also different times and dimensions have differen't frequencies so not only is this a FTL drive for distance, it's a time machine and inter-dimensional teleporter xd.... however it will never replace standard warp or other forms of transport..
beacuse you have to know the frequency of where you want to go, so your limited on exploration and what not because you DO NOT want to just go to a random frequancy because well, you could materialize into the core of a star for black whole or maybe a universe that is uncompatible with you and well, we don't want that do why?h

Deflecter Detection Shield Reinforcement, DDSR, ok name sucks but bear with my, if you use the sensors and deflector to detectect certain particles and vibrations, re-route the shielding through the dflector, you can shield from any particle or enery field by matching frequencies, why they haven't done that I dunno, oh yeah makes the plot to easy

EMP weapons, starfleet need one, to drain shields and main power, like the Breen used, it would allow you to disable the enemy ship, protecting yourself without having to kill anybody... xd but making sure the life support stays on... tricky xd

oh remeber the ESG (Electro Sphere Generater) the Lyrans had from SFC, that was playing dirty lol

Temporal Shielding, this idea obviously isn't mine, it's been around for awhile but good idea, IMO actually didn't the 29th century time protection agency or whatever actually use that in ENT, they had to escpae some how

Omega particle powersource would take care of any power problems but it's probably best not to go there...

I like Phased cloak and Transphaic torpedoes but those ideas are taken

thease aren't all starfleet tech but as the borg say "Assimilate"
"I am Homer of Borg. Prepare to be ...ooooh donuts!"
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