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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x15: "No Exit"

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Back to existential tendieces, I fully expect an ending that will cause us and the characters to quistion the context of their lives as well as the events of the series. Now this could turn out (and it will piss some people off...) that indeed there is a kind of One True God at work, but its nature turns out to be... a writer/creator type.
What if "Daniel" turns out to a an opposite force that balances out John? A yin to his yang. As John goes through the galaxy spreading hate and destruction, Daniel is pulling the strings to try to pull people together though love and acceptance.
That's an interesting idea on several levels. For one thing, the idea of good and evil balancing each other. But, also the idea that tangible evil can be balanced by a disembodied notion of good that can only change people's thoughts. That can lead to a change in actions but it's more indirect than the tangible evil. It's up to individual actions to set things right and it helps if they have something positive to believe in. I don't think this scenario requires anything supernatural, although I suppose it could be the basis for a new religion.

This goes back to the idea of sufficiently advanced technology appearing to be mystical to more primitive people. I could easily see the descendents of the humans and cylons colonizing a primitive planet and reverting back technology wise due to a subsistence living conditions. The historical events will be beyond the descendents' comprehension as science and become a new religion.

I'm wondering if the series ends with a fastwording looking at the descendents of the humans and Cylons?

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