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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x15: "No Exit"

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Back to existential tendieces, I fully expect an ending that will cause us and the characters to question the context of their lives as well as the events of the series. Now this could turn out (and it will piss some people off...) that indeed there is a kind of One True God at work, but its nature turns out to be... a writer/creator type.
I think we've gotten quite a bit of that so far, so I'd agree that it continues. Roslin was quite shaken when Earth wasn't as advertised. The Final Five have had their questions about who they are. Kara is still a large unknown. Cavil is certainly question who he is. Etc. I'm sure that'll continue to the end of the series.

However, I just don't see any god making an appearance or anything else that proves or disproves either religion. So, I don't think Daniel will be revealed as either the Cylon god (either a true or exposed as a false god and thereby either proving or disproving the Cylon religion). Besides, I believe Anders said the Cylon religion comes from the centurions so is probably indepedent of Daniel.)

I think both religions will continue to serve as a motivator as well as a source of questions (like it was for Roslin when the prophesies seem to be wrong). And, indeed the religions may evolve, or even merge, as they've done in our real history in response to changing circumstances and pressures. After all, any changes to the question of who you are could easily change views on religion.

I wonder if the resolution for Cavil and who he is is to simply give him what he wants? He's questioning his present humanoid form, so change his form in exchange for peace. The Final Five have proven that they'll trade advanced technology in exchange for peace. That seemed short sighted before and it may well be here as well. But, what happened before happens again . . .

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