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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x15: "No Exit"

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Don't be shocked if we step behind those foot lights. To do so is no less mystical, or even supernatural then looking into the face of G-d.

I thought the section you quoted from the podcast was VERY interesing. Add to that the fact that Moore has quite a sense of irony, and things may well end up differently than expected (as always ).

Oh, and there's something I wanted to say in response to what you stated earlier (I don't know if it was in response to what I said or not). I certainly woulnd't count out the religious or mystical elements. I just think it's cool that (so far as I can tell now) a little bit more than I expected is actually NOT attributable to a higher power or god.
What I mean is that in terms of what was revealed, a lot of what happened in the human and Cylon conflict was character driven. For example, you have the Final Five's decision to want to help the other colonies and to develop the skinjobs as part of that. And then you have Cavil's decision to essentially turn on his makers.
I just like that those things come down to the characters making choices.

Again, having said that, I certainly think that many events may well have been orchestrated. And the 'Head' people as well as Kara's return certainly seem to point to something 'greater'.
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