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Re: Lost 5x06: "316"

I'm just going to post my analysis from my Facebook Lost group I've started. Suffice it to say, I'm giving this an Excellent:

THIS is more like it! All Oceanic Six, which in the first handful of episodes would leave me very dismayed but with some MAJOR plot movement! Plus, Ben gets his ass handed to him, the Six, er Five, er, Seven go back to the Island and LAPIDUS is with them!

So, did anyone notice that Ben was a little drenched when he was talking to Jack on the phone? Maybe he had to go for a swim? Who’s on a boat? I get this funny feeling that maybe, just maybe, that promise that Ben had to take care of had to do with Widmore – In other words, Penny’s dead. What does that mean for Desmond? I don’t know, but I am fairly sure that the Island isn’t done with Des yet. The truth is Mrs. Hawking suggested all the way back in season three’s “Flashes Before Your Eyes” that time will course-correct if you do not go along with it. Desmond was not supposed to leave the Island nor was he to end up with Penny as Ben was always to kill Penny after Widmore’s men killed Alex. Also, whatever happened to Aaron led to Kate needing to go back and why ever Sayid is with a Marshall (hmmm… a Marshall, eh?) is why he is on a flight to Guam.

So, Jack, Kate and Hurley are reunited with Jin on the Island at the end! Cool! But where or better yet when are Ben, Sun, Lapidus, that dude that talked to Jack, and better yet, where’s Locke’s casket?

If they needed to recreate the event as closely as they could, does this mean Lapidus is going to get killed by the monster in a tree? Will Sayid’s marshall end up dying? Will the plane split in three and the tallies be put through hard times, maybe becoming the group shooting and Sawyer and company in the last episode? Will all of the people in the forward cabin die? At the same point in time, did the plane even crash? Was there an event that led to Ajira 316 to crash like Desmond not pushing the button? I’m not necessarily sure about that. Maybe the flash we saw just grabbed the people the Island needed to come back.

I’m actually rewatching parts of the episode as I write my analysis. The discussion with Ben and Jack about the apostle Thomas as well as Locke’s note obviously harken back to the man of science, man of faith debate going all the way back to season one. Yeah, so Jack and Kate slept together again. Great. The moment she sees good ol’ Sawyer, we all know what’s going to happen there!

Also, with these events that we obviously need to see yet (Why Sayid went against Ben pre-season 5? What happened to Ben at the pier? For that matter what brought Sayid into the Marshall’s hands? What brought Kate back to Jack and to make the decision to go back to the Island?) mean that we may see more flashbacky episodes as opposed to the “36 hours earlier” captions?

When Oceanic 815 went down, Hurley had a comic book of Green Lantern and Flash in Spanish, the major point of that issue was the polar bears. When Hurley’s waiting for Ajira 316, he’s reading Y: El Ultimo Hombre, or in English, Y: The Last Man. According to Wikipedia, Y is the story of Yorrick Brown, a young amateur escape artist and his monkey Ampersand. Every mammal with a Y chromosome has been somehow wiped out, with the exception of Yorrick and Ampersand. The cover is to #15 (which just happened to be on the Wiki page) is part of an arc that tells the story of Yorrick and some of his women friends trying to save astronauts who were left on the International Space Station when the plague hit. It also involves hidden twin geneticists. Don’t know when that might come into play, but one of those points may be important.

All I know for sure is next week is bound to be pretty frikkin’ cool!

The best exchange of the night:

JACK: (asking about Ben) Is he telling the truth?
MRS. HAWKING: Probably not.
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