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Re: Lost 5x06: "316"

Oh man I didn't think that Frank would die the way Seth did until you mentioned that. He better not be dead! That would really piss me off... even if he did lose the beard He better not be dead!

Oh yeah the Sawyer letter. Good one. The question is did Jack reading the letter magically cause the anomaly to happen?

Speaking of the "crash", it seems that the O6 were magically teleported off the plane and deposited in the jungle (in the 70s). Just like the way Christian's body magically disappeared from its coffin. Does this mean Christian had been to the Island in the past as we've long suspected? Will Jack meet his younger father when infiltrating Dharma?

Of course, maybe all of the Losties were magically teleported off the original plane in the Pilot. This would explain why they survived the crash... why none of our characters were shown to wake up ON the plane (right?)... why Vincent's fragile widdle doggy legs weren't snapped to bits when he landed...
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