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Re: Anyone Else Love "Whom Gods Destroy"?

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What's brilliant about Ihnat is that for the longest time he was a true acting "chameleon", always pulling me into a given performance and then only at the credits did I realize it was he I was watching!
You know who else tends to do that a lot for me is Michael McKean. I've done that "Oh, he was in this?" routine watching the end credits more than a couple of times. Ihnat was brilliant, though, and died far too young.

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I tried searching on posts by your name with keywords like "crossover" and "guest", but nothing came up. Maybe they've rolled off the searchable archives...
That happens here? Now I know why my "Walter Koenig: Teen Idol?" thread can't be found. I hope that fate isn't shared by this thread, as it's been a good one...I guess I'd better save it myself!
It used to happen a lot more. There was a pretty strict prune before the board switched over to the vBulletin software at about this time last year. If your Walter Koenig thread was from before that, it's probably gone. I'm pretty sure I remember seeing it, but it's been quite a while.


Here's a Sherry Jackson thread Jeri posted some time back:

Your Walter Koenig thread and Jeri's earlier WWW/Trek crossovers thread I couldn't find; they're probably gone. There is a list of all the actors who had roles on both series, though.
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