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Re: Lost 5x06: "316"

Mr Light wrote: View Post
Was anyone else floored that Locke being dead was a mirror of Christian being dead? I never made that connection before. But the moment we learned Locke died we knew he would come back as a ghost advisor so it makes so much sense in retrospect. And I guess this is the reason he killed himself, not to convince the O6 as I had originally assumed.
Yeah, that floored me, too. I started to connect the dots the moment Mrs. Hawking started talking about Jack needed to get an item of Christians.

Mr Light wrote: View Post
Also, was it strange to apruptly be introduced to Christian's father out of the blue? Has he ever been referenced before? It led to wonder what is it that makes Christian special to the Island when he was such a screwup in life. And it makes me wonder if there's something special about Christian's father. Is Ray somehow connected to the Island and Christian was "grand-fathered" in? Is Ray Jacob?
I found that transition to be very jarring, but it quickly made sense. I understand what the writers were going for and I don't think it could have worked any better, but it was still jarring.
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