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Re: Lost 5x06: "316"

Oh right I forgot the whole Hawking speech. I'm assuming she was talking about Gerald DeGroot. Hey, maybe we'll finally meet the DeGroots in the flesh in the 70s era! And Alvar Hanso! Remember how important they seemed back in "Initiation" and then they just kinda disappeared?

Also interesting that there are similar energy sources throughout the Earth and the Island is just the most interesting one. And there's one in LA?! This is a reference to S2's "S.O.S." the Bernard and Rose episode where they go to Australia to meet Isaac the healer who lives over a natural magic spot and heals people with it.

Was anyone else shocked to see the O6 returning to the Island this soon? I assumed it would happen in the finale or the next premiere. I thought they would string it out more. But I guess now we'll get the O6 playing with Dharma as well, which is fun.
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