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Re: Lost 5x06: "316"

Another 3.5/4; two classics in a row!

Finally, the O6 storyline manages to be surprising. I never thought they would return via plane crash, I'd always assumed it would be via magic teleportation or by ship. Desmond didn't go with them (unless his dead body was in the cargo hold!).

Now we know where the Ajira Airways wreckage came from! Obviously the bad guy from "Three Kings" and "Traitor" is a Widmore soldier who will be the one shooting at the Faraday group in the canoe in the earlier episode. Or Yves Harlow from Lone Gunmen. Are the two working together???

Dude. Kate drowned Aaron in a bathtub. Dude. If she just put him up for adoption would she really be freaking out this way? I'm actually half-convinced this is true!

So we learn how Dharma discovered the Island in the first place and find our first off-Island Dharma Station. Sweet.

So my current assumption: Ben slaughtered Desmond and Penny and Lil' Charlie.

I thought Ben couldn't go back and was exiled from the Island. And I thought he TOLD Jack he wasn't going back in the S4 finale at the casket. Is Ben wimping out and going the selfish route? Is Ben the reason they ended up in the 70s? I think it's probably more that Des wasn't there. Dude even FRANK was there.

I loved Frank before, but he lost the beard, man. That beard was 50% of his character! He is so much less interesting to me now.

The entire boarding the plane sequence worked much better than I thought it would. The way characters just magically showed up. The way Sayid is the new Kate, Hurley the new Charlie. I bet Ghost-Charlie came to Hurley and told him to go and take a guitar with him.

I bet you every single person on the plane is a Widmore soldier. They found out the O6 were all getting on the same Pacific plane and loaded it with agents. Oh yeah, best line of the night: Jack asks Ben what happens to the other people on the plane: "Who cares?"

Even the ending twist was kewl. So not only does Faraday infiltrate and work for Dharma but the entire group does. I can't wait to see this!!! I love Dharma.
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