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Re: Lost 5x06: "316"

Excellent. Best episode since the season premeire. Fast-faced and tense, a lot happened in this one.

-Having those extra passengers on the plane is a good way to bring new characters onto the island. Pretty selfish of Jack to get on that plane with them already on it.

-Can we nominate Jack for the most whipped man alive? How the hell does he accept Kate's refusal to give him an answer about Aaron? A three-year-old boy who happens to be Jack's nephew, is nowhere to be found and he's going to let Kate get away with saying nothing? To quote Captain Picarad in Yesterday's Enterprise "Not good enough, damn it! Not good enough!"

-Really wonder what went down with Ben on Desmond's boat.

-I know it's television but could Hurley really do what he did in buying up 78 seats and not bringing anyone on? I imagine that would bring up an immediate red-flag and prohibit him from boarding the plane.

-Good scene with Jack's grandfather. That came out of nowhere but it worked.
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