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Re: Lost 5x06: "316"

Gods, I LOVE this show!

From beginning to end, this episode was fantastic. The opening with Jack in the bamboo forest (AGAIN!) to Jin pulling up in a shiny new DHARMA van!

Mrs. Hawking gave us a lot to chew on, but at the same time, left us hanging terribly. Who was the person she was talking about? Hopefully not Widmore.

There were a lot of gaps we missed out on (like Ben's mauling, where Aaron and Ji Yeon are, how Hurley and Sayid showed up for the flight, and so forth) but based on what I know about the next two episodes, I don't think we're going to see any explanations anytime soon.

Of course, another burning question is how will Desmond show up on the Island? Will his boat with Penny and Charlie get caught in another storm and crash land? It does make sense that he shouldn't be on the flight since he wasn't on it with them before.

I want more episodes. NOW!!!!!
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