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Re: Lost 5x06: "316"

Above Average.

- This episode felt different from most other episodes. It was faster paced with very little stalling. They went from the arrival at the church to the plane trip to the island all in one hour.

- I wonder what happened to Ben and why he got beat up.

- I wonder how and why Sayid got arrested. I'm especially curious about how he got remanded into someone's cusdody and put on a plane so quickly. Didn't he just leave everyone behind on the dock a day or so earlier?

- I wonder what happened to the plane. I assumed it would crash, but it looks for now like only the Oceanic 6 + Ben got "pulled" off in a flash or something like that.

- It was nice to see Frank again. For a moment, I was happy that we were gonna have him back on the show, but again, I'm not so sure that he'll be on the island.

- Speaking of Frank, I wonder why he didn't turn the plane around when he saw Jack and the others. I wonder why Jack asked for him in the first place. He could have jeopardized the mission by turning back.

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