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TV's Most Brilliant Social Misfits Meet!

What would it be like if Dr. Gregory House -a brilliant diagnostician with a double specialty in infectious diseases and nephrology- head of the Princeton Plansboro Teach Hospital's unique Diagnostic Medicine department met up with brilliant Dr. Cal Lightman - a master of body language who helps criminal investigations due to his ability to read if people are lying or not.

Both men are obsessed with lies. House's own motto is "everyone lies" and whenever he finds someone who doesn't fit into this perception he does everything he can to find "a truth." Lightman sees lies everywhere he looks in the smallest facial tic or act of body language.

Dr. House a misanthrope and Lightman, well, not quite a misanthrope but certainly a man with "social issues."

I think these two were BORN to meet one another. I demand a crossover event where Lightman has some disease that House needs to diagnose and Lightman has a heyday on taking apart House's obsession with lies and the "lies" House formulates to do what he thinks is best to save his patient's life.

It would be awesome!
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