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Re: Anyone Else Love "Whom Gods Destroy"?

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Another bit that screams "third season" is Spock being dragged off after the main credits in order to save on special effects; they don't even bother to show Garth stunning him!

Right, I think they filmed him being stunned and then in editing realized they could save a few bucks by not doing the effect and just showing the aftermath.

But to the main point of this thread....

why do people love to extoll the episodes with all the really terrible overacting. Is bad acting so rare that it just seems fun to see it?

Ihnat was a good actor, but the director was a jerk to let him & Shatner go crazy like they did. As Nick meyer pointed out---crazy is WAAAY more scary when it's underplayed.

The concept was good (even though something of a re-tread of 'Dagger..')

I would havepreferred a very rare 'saved by Sulu' ending.

If you notice many 1st & 2nd season episodes had the Landing party and ship working together to resolve the problem---later they just went with Kirk & Spock saving themselves. Way better if Scoot & Sulu had come up with a way to breach the dome and rescue Kirk. Would have been a surprise for the audience who had gotten used to kirk pucnhing his way out of every problem.
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