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Re: TV Ratings (Monday 16th February

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Just think, if that show would have been on NBC or ABC and had those kind of numbers, it would have been considered a hit.
Look at the demo number - significantly lower than Heroes, which isn't doing badly but nobody would consider a "hit." On NBC, that demo number might be survival level, but only because NBC is pathetic and desperate.

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Question: Was Heroes originally planned to only have 5 seasons?
Nope. It always supposed to be a one season show but NBC got greedy.
Really? I didn't think networks deliberately ever do one-season shows. If a show is doing well enough for a second season, it gets one. And a third, etc.
I thought that originally the plan was to keep the show going, but basically scrap the cast at the end of each season, or only have a SMALL carryover, so they could constantly work new characters and storylines? But then in the 1st season, the show and cast were popular, so they kept it (and over-exposed it), and they've stuck with that since...
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