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Re: Anyone Else Love "Whom Gods Destroy"?

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I thought that scene with Garth and Spock really worked. Spock underplayed it perfectly. Was it something like,

Spock: Captain Garth, I -
Garth: LORD Garth!
Spock: As you wish. In any event...

I thought Spock's refusal to acknowledge the outburst was perfectly in character.

Loved the episode, especially the first time I saw it in the 70s and I didn't know all the twists.

And, yeah, Yvonne Craig is beautiful.
Another part of that scene I like is Spock's acknowledgement of Kirk as a sort of "brother", which he again delivers in his inimitable fashion. I forget his exact words, but it's something akin to "The captain overstates it, but in essence, I consider him my brother." Someone will no doubt know the exact line.

If I ever get the chance to meet Yvonne Craig, I'd ask her about what it was like working with Steve Ihnat as well as her her experiences working with Robert Conrad and Ross Martin on "The Wild, Wild West" and James Coburn in In Like Flint. I'm sure it'd be refreshing to not talk about Batgirl for a change.
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